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Vertical mount

Level 7

Hi.  Helping/buying my son a new PC system, and need answers I cannot find.  We will be using the Hyperion GR701 case, and would like to do a vertical mount with the RTX4090 Gigabyte GPU. This case has been around a while now, and boasts massive room, but yet I cannot find anyone doing a vertical mount? I have seen 1-2 builds using Water cooled GPU's, but none using  air cooled GPU's. Is there a reason for this? To close to glass? not enough cooling? Seems odd for such a massive "Showcase" tower and  no vertical mounts.


Level 8

it seems that vertical mounting of air-cooled GPUs, including the RTX 4090, is possible using various mounting brackets and kits. However, it is important to ensure that the case has enough clearance and airflow to accommodate the vertical mount and prevent overheating.
The Hyperion GR701 case is a large tower case that should have enough room for a vertical mount, but it is possible that the case design or layout may not be ideal for vertical mounting. It is recommended to check the case manual or specifications to ensure that it is compatible with vertical mounting and to verify the clearance and airflow requirements for the RTX 4090.
It is also worth noting that vertical mounting may not be necessary for optimal performance and may even cause thermal issues if not done correctly. Some users prefer horizontal mounting for better cooling and stability, especially for air-cooled GPUs. It is recommended to consider the pros and cons of vertical mounting and to ensure that the mounting is done correctly to avoid any issues.