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Using AIO Water, Looking to optimize my case fan settings (source ect)

Level 7
I have a 570x Corsair case housing my H150i Pro Cooled R7 2700x and Crosshair VII Hero. Im using three LL120 Corsair Fans as my Chassis Fans. I've set the source on all my case fans in Asus BIOS as: PCH, followed by VRM (multiple sources). I've even gone ahead and let the fan tuner in the BIOS work its magic (Optimize All), but I'm still noticing they are sitting around 6-800rpm when I'm in Windows. I'm wondering if theres a better way to setup my fans for better case temps with AIO watercooling as I think they way I have it now is suboptimal. Thanks in Advance, I appreciate any input.

Level 13
how do you know it's suboptimal?
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haihane wrote:
how do you know it's suboptimal?

GPU getting a bit toasty, compared to my last case which had worse cooling, other than that the 3 Fans on my Front Intake Rad are usually 1700~ rpm so having 600rpm on all of the rest of my case fans worried me (considering I have one fan for exhaust, rest are intake).

When I put my hand behind my pc I can barely feel any air as well. Overall wondering if there was a smarter way to go about tuning the fans besides what I did (set multiple source, unlink CPU temp, Auto-Tune).

Level 10
About the only things I could suggest is to remove the glass front and top and see what happens.
I really don't understand the concept of blocking the front of fans with glass... and making them suck around it ;/
Nothing wrong with front and top intake use it too.

You could try push/ pull dual fans on the rad most do that anyway.