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Using a Hyper M.2 card to add additional NVMe SSDs when I already have two in my mobo

Level 7
I have a Crosshair VIII Formula and have installed a pair of WD Black SN750 1TB NVMe drives in the motherboard slots and am currently operating them in a RAID0 configuration. I also have two additional identical drives, and an Asus Hyper M.2 card. However, because I bought the wrong kind of card by mistake, I cannot use both spare drives in PCIE slot #2. If I buy this Hyper M.2 card to replace the one that I have, will I be able to use both spare WD drives in a parallel RAID0 layout? I am wondering if I will have enough PCIe lanes to run my GPU (an RTX 2080 Super), my existing RAID0 array in my motherboard and also painlessly operate a parallel two-drive RAID0 array on PCIe slot #2? I'm confused because I should have 24+16 lanes total due to my X570 chipset. Each drive takes 4 lanes, so 4*4 = 16 and my GPU takes a max of 16 lanes, leaving me with 8 free lanes. So it should work in theory, but I'm not sure if using four drives in such a configuration is feasible. I don't know if the information at the FAQ page for using a Hyper M.2 refers to a max of two NVMe cards for the motherboard or two just on the Hyper M.2 card while accommodating two on the motherboard.

Level 9
Greetings, I am going through this process right now. I have a Maximus IX Formula bios version 1301 with 2 total m2.2280 installed on the motherboard in slots m.2_1 and m2_2.I installed an Asus Hyper M.2 V2 after lengthy discussion with not one but two different technicians from Asus. First one told me that that I just install 4 nvme drives into the Hyper pcie card and install the card into open pice x16 slot. That was false information. Second technician said my mobo will only support 3 nvme on the Hyper M.2 V2 card. Just install set pcie slot to auto in bios and your good to go. Well that is turning out to be false also. Hyper card will only show one of the three nvme drives. I will be contacting technician again Aug 7 2020. Only thing I can find is to disable my nvme m2_2 for hyper in bios, then I lose that drive so I go from 5 nvmes to 4 losing 1tb of game space. If I get it going tomorrow I will post the process that gets it to work.