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upgrade suggestion..

Level 10
I've got a few questions for the gurus 😉 I am looking to upgrade my current motherboard/cpu from x99 (rampage v edition 10 and 6850k) to x299 or z390. I will be reusing my Corsair Dominator Platinum 32 GB (4 x 8 GB) DDR4-2400) [CMD32GX4M4B2400C10] memory, SLI 1080s, HDD and 3 SSDS, and 1 NVME pcie ssd. my current configuration I have my gpus (16x/16x) and pcie ssd at (4x). My question comes into regards of what socket to upgrade to.. keeping in mind the parts I will be reusing~ I use my PC mainly for gaming, some streaming, and graphic design. I've put together a few items I have been comparing, now I am in need of some feedback. X299 it seems the omega was the board but now there is a newer what seems to be better choice. or should I just go the z390 route but that will lose quad channel support among the much needed lanes for SLI and NVME drive. .. or will that 9900K and Mobo suffice? here is what I have so far.

i9-9820x and ASUS ROG RAMPAGE VI EXTRME OMEGA. ($1,479.97)

newer and cheaper Strix gaming II motherboard (


i9-9900k and ASUS ROG Maximus XI Extreme. ($1,416.97)

From the benchmarks and reviews I have been able to find they seem closely comparable, and right now being nearly the same price point. ... what to do what to do!? I am also running a custom loop.. so cooling shouldn't be too much of an issue~ prices above include a EK-Velocity RGB - Nickel + Plexi cpu cooler. (

thoughts... suggestions, thanks in advance!

Level 7
I've got the Prime x299 Deluxe board and the i9-9900x processor, similar ram, ssd...etc. My main concern was the hot temps the i9 x series can produce. ...and that all figures into the case design, fans or water cooling. With my build, I was able to keep the temps in range with just fans. However, I'm not OCing and from what I read, if you want to OC, then perhaps the x299+i9x series may not be the best combination. Those i9x processors produce some serious wattage. Otherwise I'm happy for non-OC graphics and video editing using the stable x299 platform. Nothing fancy, just middle of the road.

Level 10
I decided to continue down the X299 > Z390 (quad channel and pcie lanes were the determining factors) path. After watching countless amounts of reviews and comparing benchmarks I decided on the ROG Encore, paired with the i9-10900X (currently on stock alert @ B&H). I've heard these run on the warmer side, and grabbing a lower end CPU that this platform offers overclocking probably wont be the best but that is fine, as for temps. .. my setup will handle it no problem.