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Upgrade ? or not

Level 9

Hi all

I have a Asus Crosshair VIII Hero motherboard with a 5900X cpu , 32gig Ram and a Asus TUF 4090 graphics card.

Now i play a lot of VR games on my system and upload them to youtube.

Would it be worth upgrading to the latest X670E boards with a 7950X3D or something along that line ?

I have heard there has been issues with memory training , slow booting etc ...which is putting me off upgrading.

I was looking at the Crosshair Extreme board as it seems to have everything i want in a motherboard ( even though its expensive )

Was also looking at Intel boards but heard the CPU's run rather hot .

Any help most appreciated.




Level 14

Ryzen 9 7000 is going to outperform Ryzen 9 5000 in both single and multi-threaded loads, but the 5900X is still a great CPU with a ton of compute power.

"worth upgrading" is a difficult thing give good advice on.  It's not worth selling a kidney to do it, that's for sure.  It's not worth putting yourself into financial hardship to do it.  If you've got the cash just sitting around and are looking for something to buy, and you're someone who enjoys having the latest super-desktop, go for it.

VR and video editing would probably benefit from the jumping up a generation, but a single generation jump isn't typically a huge performance gain.  Alternatively, if you're seeing situations where the 5900X is actually getting a real workout, consider dropping in the 5950X on your existing machine now, then saving up for X770.

As far as memory goes, DDR5 is still relatively new.  Performance and overclock stability for it should improve over time.  4 DIMMs in particular can be a problem with overclocking, unlike Ryzen 5000 on X570 where you can more or less just drop in 4 DIMMs up to DDR4-3600 without a problem (QVL still recommended, but DDR4 is mature and that helps a lot).

As far as heat goes, a 7900X or 7950X will generate plenty.  13900K is probably a bit hotter, I think, but that's kinda just how it goes with clocks above 5GHz, PCIe 5.0, etc.  You certainly need to go for big coolers on both AMD and Intel for the latest 9-series CPUs, to get the most out of them.

Hi , and thank you for the advise .

Yes i think you prob right , maybe worth waiting till the next gen comes out , i know 8000 series cpu's are due end of year so might wait till then .

My pc seems to be handling the games ok at mo , but have nothing to compare it too , be nice to have try before you buy then could see what difference the upgrade would make lol.

Money is not the issue , just dont want to buy twice if know what i mean , so holding off is prob best thing.

Thanks again for the help


Level 8

I had a 5900x with a 4090, upgraded to a 13900ks. I play VR also, mostly vtol vr. My main reason i upgraded was this game, cause it very cpu limitted. So i saw a big difference on that game, but anything that is not limitted by the cpu, you will not notice a big difference. Most game are gpu limitted, so difference will be more subtile.