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Updating bois before I build,,

Level 15
Hi all,, seen a fare bit about upgrading your bios,, I haven't started my build yet parts should be here tomorrow or next day..
I've seen here somewhere but can't find the post again that you can update your bios before you put cpu ram etc into the board,, is this true if so how do I go about it,, or does anyone know the tread I'm talking about.. Thanks Heaps..

PS my new board is a Maximus V Gene

Level 40
Hey there! 🙂

There are a few places this is explained...

You will have to name the file M5G.CAP.....not.ROM

It will also be in the manual when it arives;)

Thanks heaps mate.. That's great

What would I have to name it for Rampage IV extreme?

horano wrote:
what would i have to name it for rampage iv extreme?

r4e.rom 🙂