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Update on computer and many questions.

Level 7
First off my H100i exploded without power all over my Asus Maximus V Formula motherboard and Intel 3570k.
Had it tested and both the motherboard and processor are good they even updated the Bios.They offered me another H100i but I declined.They offered me any air cooler free of charge plus money.I chose Coolermaster 212 EVO.I pulled the stock fan off and put on 2 Corsair SP120 Quiet Edition.

Case:Coolermaster Storm Trooper
Psu:Corsair AX 860i
Gpu:Asus Geforce 680 GTX DirectCU 11 4gb version
Motherboard:Asus Maximus V Formula
Cpu:Intel 3570k
SSD's:3 Samsung 840 Pro 128 gb
Memory:Gskill Ripjaws 2x8 1866 14900

First Question Both fans on cpu cooler are plugged into other 4 pin fan options on motherboard because the cpu fan and extra cpu fan spin to slowly.It says cpu fan error so I went into bios and set to ignore otherwise it would not boot.What am I doing wrong?

2nd Question the ram would only work if I had it in the last 2 slots black and red what's up with that?

3rd Question suggestions what to do with 3 Samsung 840 Pro ssd drives?I know nothing about raid.

Level 15
First Question
There is a built in feature to the BIOS where it notifies if a fan spins below a certain RPM. This is a great feature because you'll know when a fan is starting to die or stop spinning all together. If you don't want to turn off this feature (Ignore), you can navigate to the Monitor tab. Select the Fan Speed Control option. Go to the option that says CPU Fan Speed Low Limit. By default, it is at 600RPM. Lower it. Save and exit BIOS.

Second Question
If you're using two sticks, you should be using the red slots. Check your CM 212 EVO installation and make sure you didn't overtightened the screws. See if the RAM is seated properly. And in case you suspect the slot to be dirty, blow some compressed air into it.

Third Question
Send me one of them. 😛 RAID the other two. There is a guide in my signature written by HiViMan that can help you setup your RAID.

Level 40
What size are the SSD?
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

3 128gb 840 Samsung pro

Level 40
I think you should read the RAID guide I wrote. That will help you understand the different pors and cons of the different raids.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.