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Unexpected Error Code 53 on ASUS Motherboard - Seeking Guidance

Level 7

I'm reaching out in hopes of finding some insights into a recent, perplexing issue I've faced. My ASUS motherboard z790 maximus hero displayed error code 53, and now the system won't boot. Everything had been operating seamlessly until this incident. To clarify, I haven't made modifications in the BIOS recently, nor have I adjusted any hardware components.

What caught me off guard was a Windows error message just before this. The message indicated an error, and immediately after, the screen went blank. Despite my efforts with basic troubleshooting—like a CMOS reset and testing individual RAM modules—I'm still at a standstill.

The only significant change I recall making was enabling XMP, but that was around two months ago, and there were no issues post that adjustment.

Has anyone here experienced a similar setback? I'm trying to deduce whether this might stem from a motherboard-specific problem. if so what further steps should i be following ? Your experiences and suggestions would be invaluable.

Thank you in advance!


Level 12

Hi, I haven't experienced this problem but I see in the motherboard manual that Q-code error 50 to 53 is Memory Initialization Error or Invalid Memory Type or Incompatible Memory Speed .

Level 7

Dear, i have the exact same problem with Hero z790, 1402... Never had problem with QVL memory Gskill 6400...
I had to downgrade to 1303, impossible to boot (error 53).

****** Asus?!!

Using an old CMO profile?

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

I just managed to load the latest BIOS using FlashBack.  As soon as I powered up code 53 is displayed almost instantly 

Level 7

I have the same issue, everything fine then last week code 53 and no POST. No BIOS changes since install which has been a few months. Tried powering up with each module in A2 same thing  (Corsair Dominator Platinium 2 x 16gb 6600mhz) , wont go past POST and wont allow EZ Flash. ASUS support being less than helpful in suggesting I reinstall windows, which is a little tricky given it wont even load the BIOS, or used approved memory (which if they checked they would see it is), just standard cookie cutter reply's or reinstall BIOS which it wont do.

Next step will be to get some new memory and try that, failing that I will RMA the board. Really feels like its a board issue to me. Seems a few people are reporting this issue with the boards, I wish ASUS would be a bit more helpful and supportive!

Level 7

Update.. I had the issue fixed. Started my trouble shooting with CMOS clearance/ removing battery and reseating RAM slots. Did not work with any of those. Thankfully system has started to boot again with a new pair of gskill RAM modules. Looks like the corsair RAM was at fault. Now thinking of requesting corsair a refund under warranty. fingers crossed .