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TT Sync Controller + ARGB Splitter Cable

Level 7
Currently, I'm using a ROG Z390-F Motherboard with a TT Sync Controller to control all the RGB lights in my current rig through Asus Aura however my current PSU doesn't support it (Tough Power iRGB Plus) so I'm looking to replace it.

Since my current Motherboard only has a single 3 Pin ARGB header which is what the TT Sync Controller is connected to, my options for PSU's (that I'm aware of currently) are limited to the TT Toughpower Grand Sync (Which can connect to one of the 4 pin RGB Headers) or a non RGB PSU.

That said, I'm curious if something like Cooler Master's Addressable RGB Splitter Cable will fix my problem. Has anyone tried the TT Sync Controller with a ARGB Splitter of sorts?

My plan is essentially to link up a PSU(eg: Asus ROG Thor) that supports Asus Aura and use the cable to connect both to the single RGB Header.

Edit: Currently eyeing this device: XSPC 8 Way 3 Pin ARGB Splitter Hub.
Might be the solution to my conundrum though curious what others think.

Edit 2:The ROG Aura Terminal has also caught my attention. Providing it does what I think it does.