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Trying to make sense of the new Graphics labeling

Level 10
I just want to make sure I got Asus's new card labeling right for the 10xx series with the recent announcement for the 1050 and 1050TI cards correct:

Expidition - Basic card, red and black scheme similar to older ROG looks
Phoenix - Smaller card for smaller builds
Dual - White cards to match the white motherboards
ROG Strix - ROG enthusiast cards with aura lighting (higher up cards have more features like GPU fan controlers) certian models are factory overclocked
Turbo (for 1060 and 1070) cards designed for physical durability

Cards currently not available for the 10xx series:
ROG - Red black color scheme specifically for the ROG enthusiast builds
Poseidon - Division of ROG meant for hybrid liquid cooling
Matrix - ROG Strix's predecessor, air cooled and overclocked
Strix - A card designed to be quiet, had an owl logo
MARS - A crazy card designed with two GPUs in one board, has a chance of showing up every few generations

Level 11
Veovis wrote:
Turbo (for 1060 and 1070) cards designed for physical durability

The Turbo is also available on a 1080. Everything else is a "Strix" model except the Founders Editions. Look HERE.

Level 13
Yeah I almost boo booed and bought founders edition. What a marketing ploy. Makes it sound like something reallly special when its simply a reference card renamed to sound more interesting. Founders just rings like "Cream of the crop" but nothing could be farther from the truth. Lowest clock speeds of them all and mid tier on cost. They are actually priced a bit higher than the Strix GTX 1080 AG that is a mid level factory OC. Ive been tempted to try flashing the Vbios with the OG cards version just to see if it ups the speeds you can get with GPU tweak.

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Level 10
Yeah, there's a local store chain where I live that's selling the Overclocked Strix 1080 for the same price as the Signature Edition. Though given some complaints about "aftermarket" cards I'm wondering if I should go the extra mile and apply better thermal compound to the card if purchased.

Also, does anyone know if cpu heatsinks and/or all in one water coolers work on graphics cards? I'm not talking the custom waterblocks intended for the card, but other mounted cooling solutions.

The reason why I bring this up is that there's a new cooler from Thermaltake, Engine 27 that looks like it could be mounted onto the backplate of the Strix. Because Strix has the Gpu fan controller, it might work as an interesting alternative to water cooling.

Hi Veovis

You shouldn't need any other cooler for the ROG Strix 1080, it has the DirectCU III cooling which runs 30% cooler than the reference models.

My ROG Strix 1070 overclocked under full load only gets in the low 60'sc.

You won't need to mount anything on the backplate. 🙂