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Trying to have both an SSD and a large HDD RAID

Level 7
I wanted to create a big, RAIDed machine. To that end, I got a nice big case and added 1TB of SSD and 6 2TB BarraCudas, with the idea of ending up with a fast SSD for my OS and 6TB of RAID 10 storage for all my serious stuff. The B450-F looked like the correct board for this, and so I got everything home, put it together, and made good progress (note, I haven't built a PC in about 10 years, so it's been a serious learning curve!). I started with just the SSD, no HDDs, and I actually got the system up and running with no problem. Windows 10 booted, and everything was lovely!

Then I tried to add the HDDs. I did manage to configure the 6 drives as a RAID 10 array in the AMD configuration, but I haven't been able to get Windows 10 to recognize the device. In fact, I can't even get the machine to boot when the HDDs are attached. I have to force power down, go to the F1 Setup, and then manually select the SSD to boot. This makes it very interesting when I try to reinstall Windows.

So before I get too far down the road here, I was just wondering if what I'm attempting is even possible. Can I create a configuration where I boot from the SSD but have the 6-drive RAID 10 array as a second drive? (It was brought to my attention that there may be a restriction on using all six SATA ports if the M.2 is being used.) As an alternative, would it make sense to boot from the RAID array, but just have my programs on the SSD? I really wanted to boot and run code from my SSD and use the RAID for slower access.

Thanks in advance for any help.