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Trying to build a gaming pc , could use some help !!!

Level 10

im probably gonna go sli on 780TI
im having a hard time with sound card and speakers that matches my setup..
do I even need a sound card if the Maximus formula onboard is decent?
the speakers I choose in that setup im still unsure
and I want the best ram possible , ether 16gig or 32 gig
I don't want to spend more then 5,000 $ tough if I can spend less then that's good 😉

the monitor is probably my biggest issue , I really wanted a 27 inch but I have yet to see any decent reviews
I was looking forward to
BENQ Xl2720z but im not sure if it will be released on time

thank you !

Level 14
well you COULD try the onboard sound and see how it is before geting a sound card?
just remember that that case is HUGE and i do mean HUGE and BIG.
well as i can see i dont think you need to change enny thing, but thats me.
but if your gona use it mainly got gaming i would get an extra ssd for games to be on so you dont fill up the one the OS is on.
if your gona render videos or things like that then i would go for 32gig, if not then 16 ( 2x8 gig chips ) is more then enough ( do not add a second kit down the road ), just remember to get ONE kit and not mix 2, then you can get problem to get them work together.

Level 11
I use the asus stx it is only stereo if you want like 7.1 the essence st is awesome sounding.
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Level 10
well I always used onboard sound for 15 years , I wouldn't know the difference , like getting the 7.1 don't you need 7.1 speakers? this is where im confused , im about to buy 2.1 corsair speakers ( MABY ) so a 5.1 sound card or 7.1 kinda get's me confused

im also debating on that case , I was planning on adding custom liquid cooler further down the road.. and I also want some nice gaming headset if anyone as any good suggestion..

and as for the monitor i'll wait until I get some who can point me to a good 27inch 144hz gaming mon

Level 16
Double-check the manual of those 7.1 or 5.1 sound cards - those usually have settings/configurations to work with 2.1 speakers too...