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Trying to breath a bit of life back into a RIV-E system. CPU Advice

Level 7
My uncle is my gaming buddy but is quite stubborn. I had a pair of 980s in SLI, one failed and both were replaced with 1070s. The 980s were already too much GPU for the HTPC they resided in so I thought I'd pass the 1070s off to my Uncle and confiscate his 970 for my HTPC. The goal was to convince him to upgrade his motherboard and CPU (Rampage IV-E+i7 3820) but that's where his stubbornness comes in. My only solution is to drop in the best CPU I can and hope for improvement though I know there's still going to be some bottle necking. Don't even get me started on the i5vsi7 discussion with him, he must have an i7.

At first I thought the obvious choice would be to snag a 3770k but after looking around at some prices I might be able to do better/equal for cheaper. A buddy in our IT department thinks he can find a Xeon 1650/1660 or 2643 which would be similar to the 3960X/3970X. I know that's wasted because the majority of work load on this PC would be in the single thread performance though there is some drone video editing done on occasion. It looks like a 3770k will run me in the ~$150 range and a Xeon will cost roughly $100-$125. He also said he could probably find the 8C Xeons(2667-2687) but would be a tad more than the 3770k so not sure if that's worth it though they may run cooler.

There is another alternative. I do have a Maximus VII Formula I could put him in but I'd still need to source a CPU. The concern there is cooling. He keeps his tower trapped inside the slot in his desk with the door shut so ventilation isn't very good. My experience with 4770k/4790k temps tells me that's not a viable solution.
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3770K is LGA 1155 not 2011

Get a 3970X and OC it...4.6GHz on a decent AIO cooler....