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Total Novice Needs Help Building Super Computer

Level 7
I am a TOTAL novice. I spoke to a techie who told me that the starting point pf building a PC is the processor so I went and got myself an intel core i7 3820 Quadcore chipset with LGA 2011. I believe this is an amazing Chip. Now i need a motherboard. On Monday I will buy the Asus Rampage IV Extreme. I have read that this one is the best out there at the moment and it has the same socket as the the chipset so i think this is a good combo. Please feel free to tell me otherwise. Next is the RAM. I have no clude what ram to buy or how many sticks I will need. This is where your advice comes in.
As you can tell, I am trying to buid a high spec/performance PC so what RAM is best. I have read RAM comes in 8,16 and 32GB sticks.

  • I suspect that 32GB is probably the best? what brand?

It seems that Corsair Dominator 32 GB is the one everyone is talking about. Gskill Rip Jaws also seems to be a premium RAM

  • Would I need four 32GB sticks?
  • Will either Corsair Dominator 32GB and Gskills Z series fit into my mother board assuming i get the Rampage IV extreme?
  • Is it possible to get too much RAM?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
Windows 10 (64 bit) Asus rampage IV Extreme, Intel core i7 3820, Spire Max CPU cooler, 4x4GB (16GB) G-skills RipJawsZ RAM, LG Blu-Ray R/RW lightscribe, 120GB Kingston SSD, 1.5 TB WD HDD, Silencer Mk II 950 Watt PSU, AMD HD 7050 GPU

Level 16
"so what's the deal with Mhz?" - deadpixel, the MHz is the measuring unit of the frequency. Generally speaking, higher the frequency faster is the RAM. There are also other factors in determining the RAM speed though... one of them is the CAS latency - lower CAS, faster RAM. But, usually as the frequency increases, the CAS will increase too...

So, I'm not sure if you will experience any difference in every day use between 1600MHZ and 2133MHz (or even higher). However, if you're planning to OC, the higher frequency RAM will give you more room to go.

Bottom line, if the money really doesn't matter, go with the 2133MHz, otherwise 1600MHz will be just fine - double, triple, quadruple check if the choosen kit is compatible with your mobo!!!