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Time for a new build

Level 7
Hey everyone

My current mobo died on me (I'm pointing the blame at SATA). Going into W8.1 takes forever and then if it goes on, it is insanely slow and seems corrupted. Attempting to load an installation CD or recovery USB stick just gives me a blank screen after it loads up. I've tried multiple HDDs (2 SSD, 1 HD) and I just can't get to the recovery. Everything is unplugged except kb, mouse and 1 HD and still nothing.

That was an Asus P8P67 Pro that I got in 8/11. It was paired with a i5 2500K that had a H80 on it. I was able to push out 5.1ghz on that thing (impressive) it had an aging GPU on it (560ti). RAM was Kingston Hyper X 8gb. OCZ vertex 4 SSD with 1TB WD Black series. oh and the PSU was OCZ ZT650. This computer was able to handle anything I threw at it honestly. I was planning on upgrading the GPU and that was going to be it...

Well fast forward few days ago, the unexpected happened and I have to make some upgrades. I figured I get a Z77 mobo and keep on moving forward with what I had...

I'm now thinking I come back up to speed with the tech and upgrade to a ROG Hero VII with a 4790k cooled by a H100i. Pair it with an Asus 970GTX and put it all inside a Corsair 760T. I will carry over my RAM, PSU and SSD/HDDs from the old computer trying to save the money...

So anyways... Here is what I'm looking at and here is what I would like some guidance on:

CPU: i7 4790K
Mobo: Asus Maximus Hero VII
GPU: ASUS nvidia 970GTX
Case: Corsair Graphite 760T w OC Front base
Storage: OCZ Vertex 4 SSD/WD Black Caviar 1TB

I learned about the case from the PCDIY channel on youtube when they were building a computer. I liked the case, but is there anything else I should look at that works well with this setup? I liked that there is alot of room in the backside that I can put the cables. my current Rosewill challenger case is so so. I didn't like it.

Also, on the GPU... Anything else I should look at?

Really wasn't planning on spending $1500 bucks unexpectedly, but I use this computer everyday, so it's money spent right.

Let me know how this setup is, and if anything else needs fixing!

Hello razorseal and welcome

Your upgrades look fine to me.

One thing I will say is the 4790k runs hotter than the 2500k. The h80i will still do ok but your new case can support dual and triple fan rads, a new cpu cooler might be something to consider if you're an overclocker.

As for looking at other gpu's, what monitor do you have and what resolution do you game at?

Level 7
Yeah, I'll be getting a h100i with the setup. I'm going to use the stock fans though. I'm not changing those.

I have a 27" samsung monitor and I game at 1080

Little off topic, but there is a company called cybertron PC and they build computers in house. I can get a very similar setup to what I have here for a fairly close price... crazy... lol


Nate152 wrote:
A GTX 970 will do gtreat at 1080p.

Here's a you tube video that shows FPS with a 970.

Wow that is impressive!!!!