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Thunderbolt 3 on ASUS Motherboard

Level 7
Hi, I am building a machine for an audio studio that will connect to an audio interface (Universal Audio) via Thunderbolt 3. I chose the ASUS WS Z390 Pro mobo (with Thunderbolt header) and the ASUS ThunderboltEX 3 PCI card foolishly thinking they'd work together. Turns out the card does not support mobo (and obviously vice versa), and ASUS customer support was NOT very helpful. They can't tell me what TB 3 cards will work with their mobo. I'd be embarrassed. Can anybody provide me some alternatives? I'm a bit committed to the ASUS mobo as the system is already built. Many thanks, Mike

Level 8
As you have USB C (3 gen 2) support on that board, can't you just get a converter?? Go from the 3 gen 2 output to a USB C header and then do a change from USB C to TB?

I’m not familiar with that mobo, I have the Maximus 8 Hero with the Thunderbolt Ex3 card, but I can tell you from my experience it’s a nightmare using this setup with the UAD Apollo. *I’ve had nothing but connection issues and ASUS support has been anything but helpful. Not sure if the Thunderbolt Ex3 cards are just trash or if they need a driver update to improve compatibility.*

Level 7

Hi, I realize this is way too late, but this compatibility list would have helped if it existed in 2018: [ASUS Thunderbolt card] Which model of ASUS motherboard support ASUS Thunderbolt card? | Official Su...

I'm just annoyed to learn that the TB expansion that goes with my MB is twice the price of the actual board. Insanity. Guess I'll just wait for USB 5.1 Gen 2 or whatever.