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Third SSD still not showing in the BIOS....

Level 9
I am getting concerned the mobo SATA connectors are bad. This new build is running great with the M2.1 as OS and M2.2 as games. I put in a new Samsung 860 pro SSD, used a new SATA6 cable, SSD to mobo SATA connector, PSU SATA to SSD power, then power on to latest bios and the Advanced SATA config selection shows "not Present" not only for the new SSD but also for the two M2.1 (OS) and M2.2 (games) SSD's which are working fine in windows 10. The device manager shows them AOK. Earlier, taken from the old pc, I had four SSD's and one HDD installed and had the same "not present" in bios.
Also, in bios advanced, in the HDD/SSD smart info section, no devices shown. It shows N\A to the right.
What am I doing wrong. Do I test the SATA connectors another way? The EVGA PSU and mobo are new, virtually everything is new.

Level 9
I'll let you know how this plays out.