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thermal pad versus paste

Level 7
Anyone have thoughts about thermal pads versus plain paste. Here's one brand:

Level 11
Paste all the way I am thinking. But here are 2 separate tests.. One was good and one was bad. the good one was ok against a mediocre paste.. the other just showed higher temps. I do have to say thermal grizzly has a great name and reputation. I think this is just a bandwagon thing. Good paste like thermal grizzly or Nactua NT-H2 are the best in my opinion.
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Most pads are not an appropriate replacement for paste. That's probably worth mentioning for anyone who isn't familiar. The linked pads are designed to replace paste unlike the soft pads seen on memory and VRMs.

For the graphite CPU pads I understand they are not quite as good as a good paste but they never dry out or change in performance. So I would use it for a build that I want to be maintenance free for years and don't need heavy overclocking. Perhaps a laptop, server, maybe a custom water cooling build that is a pain to disassemble if I didn't mind the trade off.
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