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The tale of the ROG front base

Level 7
Basically I think I'm done with this piece of hardware. This "thing" if we call it this way is basically a bunch of issues all put together. I RMA it once because the knob wasn't working properly and the sound preset bar basically didn't show up anymore, and all due to the drivers update.

It is best to install the ROG front base as is and never touch it anymore. Don't dare to re-install the latest driver,even tough is always the same driver V48 which came installed within the front base itself.

After RMA I got a brand new which was working at first (sorta), but then the CPU clock speed was shown stuck a 800 MHz, which is the idle clock speed and never changed.
The thermal probe is not correct either showing a temperature around 48 °C during stress test, when other monitoring softwares like CoreTemp, HWMonitor show similar results between each other of about 60°C, and they were also consistent with Corsair Link software which turn the Corsair Logo on red if the CPU reaches 60°C.
So I reinstalled the front base driver and the CPU clock speed starts to be monitored correctly, but then the audio preset bar disappeared like the previouse one before the RMA, and the thermal indicator shows results on its own displaying the CPU temperature throughout a stresstest not going further 48°C when in reality HWMonitor, Corsair LINK and CoreTemp showed maximum temperature of 62°C.

That's the all story. I think I will send back this unit because really it is useless if features that suppose to help you monitor your system simply don't work.