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The Most Up-To-Date BIOS File For The Maximus IV Gene Z Motherboard?:

Level 7

Hi folks,

First time posting on these forums so a big Hello to everyone.

I have the Maximus IV Gene Z Motherboard and I need to flash the bios. Is the 3603 file available from here  the most up to date version available?

The PC has been lying idle for a number of years and the original CMOS battery that came installed on the board has died. I have replaced the battery and for starters attempted to update the date and time to the correct values but the changes will not persist and the previous incorrect values return even after saving and exiting.

To make a clean start at the flashing of the bios I have removed the new CMOS battery, diconnected the PSU from the mains and disconnected the PSU from the motherboard and left it like that overnight. 

I have the 3603 file on the root of a FAT32 formatted usb stick. What is the best approach to flashing that will result in a healthy, properly functioning bios?

Looking for ward to seeing your feedback.