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The Best Water Parts ?

Level 7

who is best in water ? i mean who is making the most reliable parts ? who is makeing crap ?

did you see a "freak" part some where that is just so wild you just need to show..

im new in water so i hope that you gents will help ?

br. Østergaard

Level 16
He-he, there are three main parts in water... two hydrogens and one oxygen... :cool:

But, seriously, I think EK is best in blocks and Bitspower in fittings... but, there may be some exceptions... - like at the CPU blocks, there are other companies who are making good ones too, but for graphics, I think, EK is the best And the same with fittings too...

Level 8
Swiftech for cpu, EK for gpu, monsoon for compression fittings.
Phanteks enthoo primo, i7-4770k, ASUS MVIF, 16GB G.Skill Trident X Ram, ASUS 780 Ti DC2O, Samsung 120GB and crucial M500 480gb SSD, 1TB Western Digital Hard Drive, NZXT 850W power supply
EK Supremacy, EK ASUS MVIF Water Block, EK Monarch Series X4 Ram, EK ASUS 780 Ti DCII, EK 420 Cool Stream Rad, XPSC 240mm RAD,Monsoon Series Two Dual Bay Reservoir, Swiftech MCP655-PWM-Water Pump, Monsoon Compression Fittings & Tubbing, Mayhems Pastel Red with Mayhems ultra pure h20.

Level 7
i use swiftech, and i really like the performance of the parts.

Level 11
Koolance 380 or EK Supremacy for CPU block are 2 real good one, witch one is the best? you fanboy for witch one, ? who care I have both



wathever you choose, don't forget to include a Koolance TMS to monitor your system, it will shutdown the PC base on lack of flow, pump failure, or temps to high someplace. It'S about $ 100 and worth every cents .


Level 10
Why waste $100 on that when you just need to lower the temperature threshhold in the bios and the PC will shut down as soon as the cpu goes above it.
Its usually defaulted at 90°, I dropped mine to 70°.

I can guarantee that it works because I shut down the pump on my system and watched the cpu temp climb to 70° and then total shutdown 😉

Granger wrote:

I can guarantee that it works because I shut down the pump on my system and watched the cpu temp climb to 70° and then total shutdown 😉

I can guarantee it don't work everytime, as I have a pump failure 2 years ago on a i5-750 the CPU burn, so it's happen

Good thing Intel replace it , aside I have not yet found where in the BIOS of my P9X79 WS is the place to adjust this temp

here the email from the Intel RMA


Level 14
drop the reservoar since the pump have built in.
and yes WC is expensive, so i recomend to wait a few so you can save up monney for it.
you can get away for about 2-3000nkr depending on the setup.
cpu + rad + pump + res + fans.
gove me a pm if your interested and ill can help you look over and mabye sugest a few things.
but remember, every ting comes down to how mutch the case can take ( fit in it ).

hi kkn.

ill pm u 🙂

the case is a corsair obsidian 800D, so i have tons of space 🙂