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Tech Support for Hard Rebooting Machines on Major Brands and Builds

Level 9

I've just about finished my Flow build, and it's all original using creativity to function at the high-end, but it's more or less a mid-range gaming build, and thus the parts aren't the most expensive, but I had a problem with my build after three years and let me explain what happened. So, my case was thirteen years old and for whatever reason decided to not work any longer with my new board and parts which were working perfectly, and everything else with my build was close if not brand-new, so I ruled everything out pretty quickly, so I ordered a brand-new case and still had similar issues with the reboot, but at least it posted so I could continue to test, and these are my findings, and I've seen a lot of discussion relating to this specific issue regarding rebooting motherboards on the Internet, so I wanted to get on here and level with everyone experiencing these issues. Normally when you have a hard reboot, so no blue screen, but a black reboot, then it's normally related to your thermal paste, or heat related, and what I did to fix this, and I'd just rebuilt inside the new case, so the thermal compound was good, but it still had a heat related issue, so this is how I resolved it, and Asus support is bad over the phone, but some of their advice is sound, but here goes. All I did was turn all my brand-new fans on to full speed, and it resolved the issue, and I'm not sure if the settings are just low on the board I use or what on the thermal shutdown, but it was rebooting at odd times; during games, and even after a reboot idle on the desktop, but that resolved it, so check your thermal paste, and then turn your fans up to high, and make sure you buy a nice enough case to support these new computers, because they're more demanding than the old AM3 computer systems on air cooling systems. I also enabled Asus Performance Enhancement, and it makes some stuff run faster on my build, like my browser and stuff like that, and only God knows what else it helps, so I'd prefer it to be on, even if it generates more heat, and it does, but it helps with other stuff too because if it does lose power, the recovery is swifter and with no power loss, which is nice, because it makes recovery easier, and finalized ram settings. What you don't want to do is disable c-state, because it isn't the reliable way to resolve these issues. With Asus Performance Enhancement, you also get better performance. I'd recommend it on.


Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X

Mobo: B550-F Gaming

Ram: 3600 Crucial Ballistix 2x 16 gig sticks 

Video card: Radeon RX 460 (Will replace with the 2nd or 3rd best video card on offer in the $500-600 dollar range soon, because I need to reach that 4k resolution on my scrap build, and I think I can do it with one of those 4.0 cards.)

Power Supply: Corsair 850w, (which I will be replacing with a newer modular unit in the future to save space, as well as get that four-pin power on the mobo plugged in.) I'm in a mid-tower, so space is limited, and that'll help in that department.

Case: Musetex