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System turns unstable with 4 memory sticks installed.

Level 8

ASUS B660-F ROG STRIX WIFI - BIOS 2212 (Latest pr. 15th feb)
INTEL 13900K
1st KIT G.SKILL 32 GB (2x16GB) DDR5 6400hz (CL32-39-39-102 1.4v)
2th KIT G.SKILL 32 GB (2x16GB) DDR5 6400hz (CL32-39-39-102 1.4v)

After building the PC I had some random BSODs and unstable encounters. I used MEMTEST86 in ASUS BIOS and got alot of errors (With XMP on&off). I removed 2th KIT and ran system again with no errors.
System was 100% stable over a couple of weeks with only 1st memory kit installed at XMP setting on with the memory kits at it's overclocked value stated above.
When I remove the 1st KIT that had no errors and install the 2th kit it runs with no errors and system is stable. SO my issue clearly comes from having all 4 memory sticks installed with a total of 64GB instead of 32GB that 1 kit provide.

I am not that experienced with altering voltage and timings, but is there anything I could try to be able to utilize 4 sticks of memory?
Will return the extra pair as it's not crucial for my system, but would really like any tips on the matter before I do so.

Thanks in advance

Hi Lawnsneo

Welcome to the ROG forum.

I wouldn't even fool with trying to get two separate kits stable, especially at that capacity and speed.

32GB is more than enough for gaming, return a kit and get half your money back.

This should help in making that decision easier.

pic - 97338

Thanks for the answer and opinion Nate, much appreciated !

You make a valid point, I really enjoy the build, but at the same time after building a new PC every year for like 15 years I never ran into problems running 4 memory sticks of the same type, hence why I wanted to know if anyone else here had a similar issue.

I think you're doing really well with 32GB 6400MHz. According to the ASUS Tech Specs, the max supported memory frequency for the ROG Strix B660-F Gaming Wifi is 6000MHz. So, you're already running beyond what the motherboard supports.

You may be able to get them to run by increasing voltages but I wouldn't bet on it, it's the 4 sticks that cause issues with alder lake/raptor lake. If you take notice, G.Skill does not sell a 4x16GB 6400MT/s 32-39-39-102 kit and that is the reason why.

They do however have a 2x32GB 6400MT/s 32-39-39-102 kit - 97339

Ahhhh ! I thought buying two seperate memory kits (2x16GB) to a total of 4x 16GB was the same as buying 1 kit with 4 sticks since it was the same type of memory 🙂

I just wanted to "future" proof my build with the 64GB and thought the system would be even faster with using all the 4 slots.

Will return the 2th kit then

Thanks again for helping me out !

You're welcome,

That's exactly what I would do too.

Each DDR5 memory stick has 2x32-bit memory channels, so technically two sticks = quad channel.