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Switching from team blue to red (Raid 1 help)

Level 10
Hey guys.

It's about time for me to upgrade and I was thinking about getting a ryzen 2 cpu for better multitasking over my current i4770k, and usb 3.1 data transfer.

However my current set up (see stats on the side) has 2 4tb SSHD in intel raid 1. So moving them to the amd mobo may render their configuration inoperable.

I'm considering purchasing an external drive to back up the info on, then reformating those drives if the transition does not work.

Any thoughts? (For example, should I stay and wait till mid Q4 for the holiday prices to drop so I can get ram cheaper, or invest and build a raid 5 NAS because single backup drives may not be as reliable.)

May your frames be high and your temps be low!