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SupremeFX anyone got some info?

Level 7
i´m about to put together a new pc, with the hero Vi MOBO.

i used to run my sound through my GTX-680 GPU Hdmi to my 7.1 Harman kardon Reciever.
But now i would like to find some info, if it would be better to use the SupremeFx card on the ROG MOBO and is it only when i use the analog connectors, or can i use the SupremeFX via the hdmi on the mobo?

Or is the supreme FX mostly for headphones ? at least i see the advantages with the higher volume function.

so in short. Should i continue to use the sound card via hdmi in my gtx-680, or use Hdmi from my rog board, or should i go analog?

I have a very high quality sound system, and want the best of the best. so, anyone who can help me ? 🙂

Level 7
Supreme FX is great for both headphones and speakers and its performance is comparable to that of a PCI-E sound card (like the ROG Xonar Phoebus). Also, Supreme FX connects only to the analog audio ports on the I/O panel of your motherboard. By running the audio through the HDMI port on the graphics card you are bypassing Supreme FX all together which is a drastic decrease in sound quality. To get the best out of your system you definitely want to go analog.