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suggestions for headphones

Level 10
mine are on the way out. need them for gaming, shooters mostly so need surround, but i do listen to music so i need some bass. dont really want to spend 400 but might do 2ish. thought about rog thetas but read the bass isn't good. i know its like asking for apples and oranges.

Level 9
I know what to suggest for you. Get some Blackweb headphones. You can pick them up at your local Wal-Mart, and they're cheap as sin... and do everything, and make your voice sound good too, so get those and save yourself some money... You think I'm joking, but I own some and they're great, and I've had really nice headsets before, and these are fine, but I don't own these, now look... I actually thought these were cheap, but they're not as cheap as they seem, and are priced nicely, so try that. You might be surprised at how good the quality is. I own a really cheap pair, and mine are even nice, and good quality voice too. I just stumbled across this brand looking for a cheap set and was surprised at how good the quality was even with a cheap pair. That or find a store that actually sells headphones and test some out for yourself, but stores like that aren't as common as they once were, so good luck with that, but I'd go with a pair of these, and are probably a cheaper alternative to paying a lot for a really nice set anyways. Really nice headphones are easily hundreds of dollars. I'm not very picky when it comes to headphones, but I've had some nice sets over the years, but I try not to use headsets, as they get uncomfortable.


Level 9

Just searched for them Blackwebs  - cant get that brand at amazon co uk  which is a pity ... they seem nice