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Stuck on unmounting Asus Mobo from a Corsair 1000D case. Help needed.

Level 7

I am in need of some help. *I have an Asus Rog Crosshair VIII formula board in a Corsair 1000D case. *I removed the outer 8 screws to take the motherboard out. *The problem is the 9th hole has a screw in it. *The board does swing a little left to right and back. *So, it’ not hung up. *I looked at the back of the case to make sure. *I saw that the mounting offset has a screw in it! *I don’t remember how that happened. *Can the active chipset cooler cover be taken off from the front. *And if so, how? *Does it just ‘pop’ off? *I thought that this cover was screwed in from the backside. *Need some help on this one. *

Figured it out. Had a smooth post top that was long holding up the board.