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Strix z590 gaming e help please

Level 7
Hi I have a few interesting issues that I need help on that I have not experienced before. I purchased a new Asus ROG Strix Z590 gaming e mother board and an i7 11700k mainly for the 4 m.2 slots on the board.
Issue one I also purchased an ek quantum magnitude full nickle block. I placed the block on the cpu as instructed uand turned on the pc and got a post using the 115x black rubber insert on the back plate. After installing windows 10 the computer kept shutting down with a warning that the cpu was too hot 88 degrees celcius. I first thought that I may have put the block back together incorrectly after changing the coloured accent. I took the block off the cpu and saw there has been no contact between the cpu and block as there was no paste an the block only on the cpu. I still pulled the block apart to check but I had put it back together correctly. So I have changed the rubber back plate to the AMD one to see if there is any contact and there is not. The ek block is listed as compatible with 1200 series boards and my board is listed. I have contacted EK support waiting on a response. I am interested if I was to get a couple of the thermal grizzly cpu pads and layer them would this maybe a solution to help with contact between the block and cpu?
Issue two. The board is not recognizing my gen 3 galax hof gtx 1080. Everything I am doing is through the display port of my cpu. I have managed to get into the bios and change the pcie lanes from auto to gen 3 but still the gpu is not being recognised and i get a debug code of 36. Granted all I am doing is limited as the cpu keeps overheating. Any thoughts on a fix for this would be good.
Thirdly I have all the m.2 slots populated. But it only recognises 3 of the m.2’s. The first is in the first slot a samsung gen 4 980 pro the second slot is a gen 3 intel 600p I think but it is not recogized and the last 2 are both kingston gen 3 m.2’s and are recognised. How do I get the Intel m.2 to be recognised.
Obviously the cpu would be the priority so any help would be most helpful please.
This is not my first watercooled build but definitely the most challenging.