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Strix XG43UQ VS. Swift PG43UQ

Level 7

I am in the market for a 4k monitor. I'm running a Strix 3090 with 64gb of RAM, a 1200W Thor PSU and a Ryzen 7 3700, so I know my set up can run it.

I would prefer a bigger monitor, however the options to choose from are the Strix XG43UQ and Swift PG43UQ. Both have abysmal reviews. Ghosting, screen tearing, smeared colors etc. All of these reviews are at least two years old. I am curious if anyone is using either one of these monitors and can tell me of their experience. Did anyone here purchase one of these in 2022 and notice any issues? Has ASUS addressed these issues in the last two years or have they still be shipping out ghosting monitors. Which one is ultimately better than the other and why. Please let me know.