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Strix X670E-E Bifurcation question - where is the missing x4 PCIE lanes?

Level 7

Hi, I have a Strix X670E-E motherboard recently and intend to install some cards that uses all the PCIE slot.  I understand the PCIE slots can be able to configure as either x16/-/x4 (PCIE16_2 disabled), x8/x4/x4 (all slots available) or x4/x4/x4/x4 for PCIE16_1 and PCIE16_2 will be disabled.  My question is why are the 4 PCIE lanes missing when configuring as x8/x4/x4 and where did they go or reserved for?


Asus launched the RTX4060ti with m.2 slot recently, wouldn't it makes sense to configure the BIOS bifurcation to be x8/x4 for PCIE16_1 and still leave x4 for PCIE16_2 and x4 for PCIE16_3 (which is always available due to wiring directly to chipset)?  I tried the latest BIOS 1807 that supports the "GPU with m.2" option for PCIE16_1 but noticed the PCIE16_2 is still disabled.