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STRIX LC II 280 Installation LGA 1700

Level 7
Hi there,

I'm working on two LGA 1700 builds and have just purchased a STRIX LC II 280 ARGB from the ASUS shop. I was hoping it would come with a LGA 1700 mounting kit as it says LGA 1700 compatible in Tech Specs, but it hasn't. ASUS support says that's how it comes, that it can be used with the Intel 1200 holes on an ASUS Z690 motherboard, and to contact the seller as they are unable to send out any parts whatsoever.

I do have a PRIME Z690-A board with 1200 holes, but the other one is a MSI PRO Z690-A (that came in a bundle with elusive DDR5 memory).

I've seen a third party ROG AIO 1700 mounting kit which looks OK, and was wondering if I should use one as I've seen reports that a dedicated mounting bracket is probably a better fit. And that would work with the MSI board too?

Hi pilchy888,

If the MSI board has the socket 1200 mounting holes you could use those. If not, you'll need the socket 1700 mounting bracket.

As long as the water block makes good contact with the cpu, either one should work well.