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Strix 3090 thermal issues.

Level 7
I was lucky enough to get a strix 3090 off new egg a few months ago at mrsp with out any kind of a bundle deal for it.

I was happy to be able to finish my build but i started to notice something off with it.

The thermals are not great. The core itself isn't that bad.. it's rather manageable but the vram spikes pretty bad under stress.

Sometimes all the way up to 110c.
I have to put extra house fans to push fresh air to the GPU intake area of my case to bring it under 100.

I've looked around online and on alit of Reddit threads saying that the 3080 and 3090s have been known to have very poor thermal pad placement and that some have even found that the thermal pad on their card still had the plastic backing on them when they disassembled it to water cool it.
Even jayz2cents said that his 3090 card had some thermal pads that didn't even match the vram pattern and there fore were not touching well when he took his apart.

I've also heard that some people tried to ask Asus for thermal pad size so they could replace them, and the response was that it was proprietary information and could not be disclosed.

I've even asked Asus if i can have a shop just fix the pads for me, since I belive this is my issue as well, and they said no, that it will void my manufacturers warranty, and that they recommend i RMA my card.

My question i suppose is what has everyone else experienced, or would you have any advice in my situation.