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Strix 3090 power draw and fan issues

Level 7

I just got a Strix 3090 and i am having some problems with the 0db fan function.

I would like to mention that my card came with the latest version of the Vbios since when i want to update it, it says that my card already has the latest Vbios on it.

I am using the latest Nvidia driver and i also have GPU Tweak II installed with the 0db function enabled.

The problem starts as soon as i boot up Windows. The fans start spinning at 1000 rpm while the idle board power draw according to GPU-Z is between 60 and 130W.

I have two monitors :

- Samsung Odyssey G7 - 1440p 240hz
- Alienware AW241 - 1080p 240hz

Running one on 240hz and one on 120hz the idle board power draw is 80w.
Running only one monitor (ex. the Samsung) at 1440p 240hz the idle power draw is 60w.

The card sits between 28 - 40c at idle.

The problem is that the fans never stop spinning because the idle draw is above 50w so they never stop.

The windows power plan is Balanced.
The Nvidia control panel is set to normal power preference (no Adaptive option anymore).
The Windows is a clean install with only GPU-z , Gpu Tweak and Cam installed.

I would really like to find a solution for this as having the fans constantly running really is a let down because altough the temps are fine, the idle power draw keeps them spining.

Thank you.

Level 7
I have the ASUS Strix RTX 3070 i know their different cards but my card during normal operation idle doing basic tasks the fans don't run at all they only ramp up during game play or video editing encoding

Level 7
From experience with nVidia cards before (had 1080TI before and now 3090 OC Strix), to come back to idle clocksyou need to disconnect 2nd screen from dGPU and connect it to iGPU. In that config, I am able to hit 0dB fan.

I have an ROG STRIX 3090 OC 24gb that I use for gaming, watching TV, and Bitcoin mining. I need the fan controls to be a lot more Manual, as in DO AS I Fricking Say, you little mofo. I'm getting really peeved off with it. I'll be gaming and bitcoin mining at the same time, which it'll do no problem, but the fan seems to run down to almost nothing, because the stupid GPU-Z program only looks at the current app's resource usage, instead of the other programs currently running. I nearly had a chip melt when the VRM got to 104 degrees Celsius. I can typically still get 1/3rd of my total possible hash rate of 101 MH/s even while playing Cyberpunk 2077 at max settings. It's a beast of a system. But I need the fans to do as I tell them, and run at 100 percent all the damn time to prevent early chip failure due to heat-induced micro stress fractures. I will literally get out of the game, and check CPU-Z and see the fan speed rise from nearly nothing, back up to 100 percent. That's ridiculous. I need more cooling when in-game and mining, not just mining. It does the same thing when I am watching online videos through Mozilla. It will still get 90 to 98 MH/s but the VRM is getting up to 98 because the fans won't stay set to max. I'm seriously considering cutting the sensor wire so they just run flat out, but I really don't want to do that. Can someone please get hold of the ROG Team that made the fan controller program and tell them to give us actual control over OUR hardware. I don't care how "Smart" the system thinks it is, I'm the bloody owner and I want absolute control over my system. The current so-called options from Silent to Full Speed do bugger all. For a $3500 video card if you can find them at that price, it's just not good enough. Not by a long way.