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Speed of the 5 M.2 Sockets on ROG Zenith II Extreme. which one is faster?

Level 7
Hi all,
setting up a AMD rig. a bit of gaming and a bit of video processing. some virtualization too.
ROG Zenith II Extreme is picked for the m.2 slots and 10g lan.

Total of 5 m.2 drive can be installed. 3 on board and 2 on the DIMM.2 module.

My 1st question is, what is the speed ranking of these m.2 slots?

My understanding is that the 2 M.2 slots next to the PCI E talk to the CPU directly, they should be the fastest.
The one at the back of the board is through the chipset, might be slower due to share PCI E lane with other things like sata and wireless etc.
The 2 slots on the DIMM.2 talk to the CPU directly like RAM?

Highest Speed is M.2_1 and M.2_2, then DIMM.2, then the one at the back of the card?



2nd question. is the order below the optimal option?

Fastest slot: OS
2nd fastest: video editing scratch
3rd: App and games
4th: Video source
5th: Video output

Thanks guys. Cheers