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Speed differences between desktop system and new laptop

Level 7
Hello guys,
before I start with my explanations I want say; I'm not the specialist! 😮

I have configured 1 1/2 years ago a desktop system with Intel 8700k on ROG-STRIX-Z370-F-GAMING Board, Memory 32 GB, SSD 960 Pro (M.2), ASUS GTX 1080 Graphic Card etc. General I'm still really happy with the system.
Last week, I got a new business notebook by my company (HP G250 i7 processor, 16 GB RAM, SSD (optan...???)

I unzipped on both systems a 15 GB zipped file with 7-zip and I'm really astonished, that the notebook unzipped the file 50 % faster, than on my desktop system.
I tought so far, I have a fast desktop system but afterwards I'm very surprised, whats happened.

It is possible, that the reason for the very slowly differnces are the exist Intel processor security bugs and the received and installed firware updates on my mainboard? And the installed firmware is the brake on my system? I heard about from slowlier systems when I installed micro code updates for the appropiate Intel processors.

What can be else? The differences between the the SSD technology from both systems? (Samsung SSD 960 Pro vs. Optan)?

It would be nice, if I get some hints, what I can check...
Have a nice day and thank you so much in advance!

Level 7
I answer this old post, cause other can have similar question
there can be many reason , first u can check :
u have any antyvirus , and is same with same setting at both desktop and laptop
u have turned on thing like compresion or ciphering data on drive
u can check samsung ssd software for update driver and firmware

at last u can look at windows task manager what is most busy in unziping time cpu or ssd drive
is this zip file ciphered with aes ?

u can use benchmarking software for both ssd to see speed difference,