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Soundcard Placement - What Slot can I use?

Level 7
Hi ROG's

Hope your all well....

I'm starting to get somewhere with my build. I have just fitted my 2 x 7970 Matrix cards into slot 1 and 4 (to get both at 16x speed as recommended in the manual but...

I have an asus phoebus soundcard but the matrix in slot 4 is covering the PCIEx1 slot.

Can I put my soundcard into another full size PCIE slot?

The motherboard is a rampage 4 extreme.

Will this affect the speed of slots 1 and 4, will they drop to 8x


Hope this picture helps. Not great quality.


The 2 slots near the blue tape would be ideal.

Many thanks for anyones help 😛

Level 40
If it fits under the EK bridge thingy you can put the sound card in slot 2B the black long slot with no drop for your Xfire but maybe you have a blank attached the other side of the FC link that would get in the way?

Though I don't see any screws? how is the empty slot on the FC link filled.....don't want to see a jet of water over your board!

Level 7
Hi Arne, Thanks for the quick reply.
It will fit in the black slot 2b. The fc link blank is only 3mm thick. I haven’t attached it yet, this is only a mock build, and Just to make sure everything fits correctly. It all has to be anodized black when im finished. The motherboard block fittings don’t have any acrylic tubing attaching them yet!.... working on it now though.
Do I have to change any settings in the bios to run a PCIEx1 card in a 16x speed slot?

Level 40
That is and is going to be, a very nice build!

No, no BIOS settings have to be played with....just plug it in and off you go....I have that setup with my Xonar......I was even thinking of getting that link for the Titan water blocks and was wondering about the height/depth of the thanks for that!


Level 7
Thanks Arne, its my first water cooled build, steep learning curve and plenty of research.
Didn't realize it would take sooooo long! Thanks for the info on the soundcard. Big oversight.
You have two titans? Awesome cards must be excellent sli'd. The blank for the terminal is :
Cheap too...
As a ROG Guru could I ask advice on whether to start a build log? Have you found it to be helpful when creating your rigs?
I am building in a Lian Li V2000b, finished machining my custom top for it to house the 420mm rad. Now its starting to get tricky....

Any thoughts appreciated

CHA0SENG7NE wrote:
As a ROG Guru could I ask advice on whether to start a build log? Have you found it to be helpful when creating your rigs?

I have never done a build-log myself but that's because I only have a test bench and that's not really building....Yours on the other hand is definitely the sort of thing I'd like to see and many others I'm sure...looks fantastic. Post up a thread in the builds section kkn pointed you to

I have one Titan right now but the second is on the way and I'm waiting for the blocks for them too....I could post a wait log:rolleyes:

Oh and the guru thing, everyone is a guru of some sort after a certain number of posts...goes up the karate belts...or you can make your own in "Settings"....if you talk a lot you can make black belt soon enough 😉

Level 14

Level 7
Sounds like I should start a thread then.. Hopefully get some inspiration to push it forward quicker.
I will start a new thread over the weekend.

In regards to using a test bench....
Do you test a lot of gear or just for ease of use/upgrading?

I better get some posting done then to become a black belt, daniel son :rolleyes:

Thans Arne, kkn

Level 40
Hehe that is probably true...if you have an audience you will have to get on with it 😄 I for one will be watching....that custom top looks great and a fan controller integrated right?

The test bench for me was for a kind of combination of reasons the primary being that I live in Seville and the heat here in summer means that an open bench can actually "breathe" a lot better than even my HAFX, that I was using before and it can take 2 360 Rads in the bottom that would not fit in the case without serious moding. And yes it is great for swapping out gear....draining loop etc.

The actual benching I just do for fun and learning a bit about the system...

Level 7
I know soon as I start properly. Any other DIY will go out the window! Pressure is a good thing and Im itching to use my system.
I have a few games I want to play and push the system with a nice overclock. Not silly overclocks, safe overclocks... 4.5-4.6ghz and graphics cards. not sure yet.

Sounds like a lovely compromise hot weather or cold computer:confused:

Hot weather Def!
Spain is lovely, my folks live in France so its nice to go over and visit, always very hot in summer.

The setup actually sounds a good idea anyway, without heat issues. If you like to tinker its the way forward...:D

You have reminded me I need to integrate a drain hole in the bottom of my loop... thanks

2 x 360 rads enough for your system with 2 titans?

Well I managed to finish a little more on the motherboard loop, cut and fitted acrylic tubes last night.
The rad top has a front pocket cut to fit my fan controller. Held in place with two blocks bolted each side then fitted fan controller to these.
Here is some pics...20689