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Sound buzzing, robotic, skipping issue

Level 7

I have an issue I can't find a fix. Occasionally the sound start to skip, make strange noise. The last time it happened I restarted my pc and when it was rebooted I had no sound at all. Force reboot with power button after, sound was back and working correctly.

When this issue happen my mouse seems to skip and the computer get slower.

Also even if the sound is not buzzing or skipping my Astro A40 get "disconnected" on windows randomly when I'm using Discord, I lose all sound. I have to turn off the mix amp and turn it back on to have sound back. Very annoying.

This is a brand new build and I have the issue since day 1.

My drivers I believe are all up to date as well as the bios. (nothing come up in device manager, Armoury see no update available as well as Driver Booster.

I have a feeling it could be 2 drivers or software getting in conflict with each other.

The only thing I changed in the bios is enabling D.O.C.P. (xmp)

And AHCI mode so the board can see my SSD.

Windows 10


Ryzen 7 3700x
G skill Neo 3600 mhz 16-19-19-19-39
Crosshair Hero VIII wifi
Sata Evo 1tb 840
Gtx 1080


So far I really regret to have move from my old Intel to Ryzen and I will have to return all this if I cant find the way to fix this annoying issue.

Please help!!! 😞

Level 10
I doubt that there is anything wrong with the processor. You have symptoms of bad ram overclock. You will need to tweak around voltages and other settings so the system is fully functional. Yes, a wrongfully assigned ram overclock can trigger many other settings to malfunctioning. I would like to help you with this however I'm not a good visual guide.