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Sonic Radar stuck on top of Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Level 7
Hello. I just got GL704G ROG Strix Scar Edition. This is my first gaming computer in over 10 years. I want to play COD 4 Modern Warfare. I installed STEAM and purchased and downloaded from there.

When the game starts, I get the annoying overlay from sonic radar, which I don't want. I couldn't make it go away, and couldn't figure out how to disable it. I eventually uninstalled Sonic Radar and Sonic Studio. They no longer appear in the windows program list, however, that dumb overlay STILL shows up in the game! I have shut down after uninstalling and it's still there.

I then completely uninstalled Modern Warfare and STEAM. I re-installed both after yet another re-boot and sonic radar still shows up!

It looks like sonic radar wasn't comlpetely un-installed but now I can't fix it. I tried to go to the ASUS website and re-download Sonic Radar, but the GL704 Scar isn't listed in their list of models, so ASUS at present time literally does not have a link to any of the drivers or software that came on a $1800 laptop. ?!?!?!

Can someone please tell me how to either:

1) finally kill off the remnants of Sonic Radar so it goes away for good

2) is there a link where I can re-download and re-install, then if I can get into a control panel or something to disable it?

I'm very frustrated. This is a very expensive computer I got to play this specific game. To throw salt in my wounds, the promo for the free Black Ops won't accept my computer's serial number in their 378 step long process of claiming the offer. I contacted support and no answer. Looks like I got ripped off there too.

Any help much appreciated. Thank you.

Level 7
Is this perhaps in the wrong topic? Wasn't sure where to post. Any help?