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Some issues after 'tinkering' RIG G20 AJ SSD re installation issues

Level 7
Hi i have an ROG G20AJ.

Recently ive added an SSD to the system but had a few hiccups. i did a clean OS installation and formatted my old hdd. Started reinstalling stuffs and etc then found some issues.

1) There is this exclamation mark on PCI SIM bus controller. No idea what it does but hopefully can get it resolved. My GR8 had a similar issue when i also added the SSD with a clean OS install. I installed the intel driver & support assistant and it was resolved but not this time.

2) Ive damaged the flex cable connecting the front USB panel and the motherboard. Bought a replacement but not sure if i was conned by the shop. He insist its the same as its type 40 pin inverted flex cable. The original was 80c 30v the one i got was 80c 60v. Reason i felt i may be cheated because the USB front panel now has power, headphone and mic port is working but i cant connect input devices. Or is it a setting i need to do in BIOS / windows or does they driver above had a thing to do with it?

Hope someone could guide me in the right direction. As mentioned other than those issues the rest are working pefectly.