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Small Form Factor High End Build.

Level 7

What's good y'all. 

The names FL430 or Zack. 

Currently I am working on a custom build in a SFF case. 

Hope y'all enjoy following along as I make mistakes, over spend money, run around in circles as I try to solve small problems and in general, learn something new. 


The build as it is at the moment. 

Case is a Phantek Evolv XT Shift, silver in color. 

CPU is a Intel 14th gen Raptor Lake 14700k

Motherboard is an Asus Rog Strix z790-I. 

RAM is two Corsair Vengeance DDR5 32g total of 64g

VGA is Asus Dual GEFORCE RTX 4060

PSU is a EVGA Supernova GM 750.



Level 7


Here is the test fit of all large components for this build. 

It is allowing me to see the total working room that I will have in the space available for the small tid bits for the build.




Level 7

In the spirit of a custom build, what's not cooler than custom paint? 

Stripped down the case using 180 grit sand paper to remove and smooth out the surface of the aluminum due to "pitting" from the anodizing process. 

Once smooth, I went back over with a quick rough sand of 80 grit to "scuff" the surface and allow a decent surface for primer adhesion.

Tapped up the back or "inside" of the case so that the anodizing would be protected due to not paining of it.

Primer used was dupli color engine with enamel. 

Base coat paint being green, is dupli color engine enamel in "grabber green", I wish it came in SNAP-ON green though. 

At the moment it looks pretty Xbox-ish, but that will be changing soon with additional paint colors being added. 




Level 7

Current peripherals include a foldable ProtoArc keyboard for optimal compact mobility and a track ball mouse by them as well, sporting a Purple ball. 

The mouse requires no dongle for PC connection, same as the keyboard. This is nice to see vs most "cooperate" style wireless devices have them. 




Level 7

Today I broke down my Corsair Vengeance DDR5 RAM sticks and installed Byski heatsinks.

Seeing the plastic coverings on the RAM sticks, the Byski heatsinks and water block may be a bit over kill. 

I was impressed on the RAM heatsinks. For being $9.99USD per RAM stick, the quality was very good. The coating on the heatsinks are thick and of good quality. The screws that did come with them I wished they were a bit harder, however SS screws in aluminum is cause for a bad time if one needs to go back in latter and replace/remove/upgrade the RAM. 

I was not however impressed with the coverings I did pull off the RAM sticks. Would have thought there would have been more to them in terms of heat dissipation. However for the price I paid for them, I have no complaints in comparison to others of the same specifications.

I thought I was going to have clearance issues with the heatsinks due to the placement of the ROG FPS-II card. However it is not of issue and checking after install. 







Level 7

Made some custom PSU cables today.

Colors are:

Perfect Pink, Atomic Green, XXX-White, Weed Dreams

Royal Purple Shrink Wrap.