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Sleep Problem?

Level 8

For quite a while now I've noticed a problem with the Sleep behaviour of my HTPC housing an ASUS ROG Maximus XI Code Mainboard and an ASUS ROG THOR 850 PSU where sending it to Sleep is like a 50/50 chance of it either going to sleep or completely turning itself off.

Part of my routine in setting up that particular PC after a Software Reset is to also changing the settings for what the Power Button does to Go to Sleep in the Windows 11 Power Settings because the PC is set to be controlled via Home Automation using a Logitech Harmony HUB IR blasting an AquaComputer AquaEro 5 FAN Controller which then sleeps or wakes it via USB ( though waking it doesn't work when the PC has turned itself off instead of going to sleep ).
Obviously, the Sleep Timer Function is just that - Go to Sleep ( after 30min ) but in any case it appears to be another 50/50 chance for it to totally be shutting itself off instead of going to sleep.

Is this perhaps a Hardware fault in either the MB or the PSU? 樂

Other than that, the PC is having absolutely no issues...

Hey Durahl,

Just to cover the bases, are you overclocked or undervolted at all?

For the 50/50 condition, is it just when you're allowing the computer to automatically go to sleep after 30 minutes that random shut off happens? If you trigger the sleep by just clicking on the command from the start menu does it also happen half the time?

Level 8
TBH I'm not sure if I'm either Overclocked or Undervolted at the moment... If so, then it must have been like that for years and has at least not been changed in the time since the Sleep Problem started making an appearance 🤔

I'm practically never using either the Physical Button on the Case or the Sleep Command from the Start Menu - It is either the 30min Sleep Timer or the Home Automation that triggers the Sleep Functionality ( either via me telling the Home Assistant to turn off the TV or by leaving the House ) and in all cases it appears to be that 50/50 chance though since making my OP I'm kinda believing it happening less frequently though not by much 🤨