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Several Questions About The Z590-E Motherboard

Level 9
I've been searching crazy in reference to these two questions and I'm hoping someone can help out a newbie with this board.

#1: When I go to Start and click on Shut Down I'm expecting the entire computer to shut off. Meaning, no lights on inside, and for my USB ports to shut down as well. I've gone into ERP and changed that to Enable with S5 and nothing seems to help.

#2: How do you contact ASUS through email in reference to another problem? I've already got someone from the forum trying to help out as well, but we or I am shooting in the dark about it. Therefore, I would like to send an email and hope someone will answer it.


Level 11

Try leaving the CPU c-states value set to Auto. Why did you change the CPU Report to C5 in the first place? Normally, if you don't intend on overclocking or changing any other settings, the PC should be just fine when shutting down. This means that the BIOS settings should be on default settings and everything is good to go.
Asus support replies usually within a couple days.