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Samsung 970 EVO Plus problem

Level 7

I have an Rog STRIX ASUS z390-F motherboard, and want to use a SAMSUNG 970 EVO Plus m.2 drive, but this seems not to work. I have tried m.2 drives from Kingston with no problems, but when I try the model from SAMSUNG, system will hang and I only get the "Please Wait" circle waiting for the logon screen that never apers. Is this a known problem, and if so, is there any fix? Best regards Ulf H.


Level 10


Did you try installing the Samsung drive in both ports individually for testing? Very interesting that it's not recognizing it all. It's possible that there could be some interference with the PCIe speed. Try changing to GEN 3 in the PCI Express Configuration menu.


Sorry for late reply. I sent an answer the same day, but I just replied to the mail, and did not observe that it was rejected.

I recon you are right when it comes to the PCIe speed, have sent a request to Asus Support and asked for their opinion. I also observe that the Samsung drive is much slower than the one I have from Crucial, so I have ordered a ne 2TB drive from them (was on sale at Amazon) and I will use the Samsung drives in another system.

Best regards

Ulf H.