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Samsung 850 PRO v 950 PRO on MVIII Ranger

Level 7
Hi all,

I currently use a 128GB 850PRO as my W10 boot drive.

I have been intrigued by the new 950 PRO but unless it will be a noticeably fast OS drive on daily use I won't be shelling out again for the 256GB 950PRO.

Firstly, from what I gather on the forums it should work with no problems once set up correctly in BIOS.

Secondly, will the Samsung Wizard software be able to just copy my 850PRO onto the 950PRO and simply continue to use from there on?

And lastly, would you recommend going for the upgrade given I already have a decent drive for OS?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice!

Level 14
if you are thinking of an M.2 drive, then look at the read/write speeds on the ssd compare to the m.2 drive.
the 951 is the newest one out now.
you may gain a couple of seconds but more then that? i dont think so.

Level 7
I have it and it seems to me there are as many problems as there are benefits. I would not get it again based on my experience. Yes it's silly fast in some tasks but by and large toy notice no difference and it causes issues in other respects, limiting your settings options.

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Level 11
I have the 85PRO and 950PRO and though I've had no problems with either I wouldn't recommend the the change you're asking about. Unless you have the money and desire because the gain isn't there.

Stuck with the 850PRO and just went for a GPU upgrade instead. EVGA GTX 980 ti :rolleyes:

Thanks for the replies and insight guys. Much appreciated.