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Ryujin III 360 - Rad fans are running @ 100%

Level 7

Hello All,

I am in need of some help. I installed the ryujin 360 aio on a 7800x3d. This is a replacement as the first worked fine, but the RGB wouldn't work. It idled around 28c on the old and ran smooth with no issues. 

Fast forward and I got my replacement so I could get the RGB working. I installed it, and everything came on just fine.

However, after booting into windows, I noticed the fans weren't slowing at all. I got into Armoury Crate and I see ryujin on there. 

The only two options I have are the embedded micro fan or the pump. I see no option for the radiator fans. 

My bios recognizes a CPU fan and AIO pump on. Neither of which do anything to the fans if I adjust the curve on them.

I checked and I have the splitter cable from the fan cluster plugged into the CPU Fan header and the cable coming from the pump to the AIO pump header on my ASUS B650 E-F. 

Everything seems to work, but it sounds like a jet air plane in my office from the fans going 100% non-stop.

Is there something I am not thinking of or overlooking? It's a little wild a 300$ AIO is having so many issues. 




Level 7

Just download Fan Control App and set your curves there. Asus software is a joke.