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Ryujin ii 360

Level 7
I just bought this cooler and installed it on my Asus dark hero motherboard. But it keeps getting to 100°c in almost 10 minutes. I have the fans connected to the CPU fan header and the USB connection on the USB header. I can't figure out what's wrong. Has anyone heard of anything like this happening? I tried to connect it to the included fan/rgb controller but the fans wouldn't work. So it's only on rgb duty. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Level 7
I just installed the Ryujin 360 11 as well on a Crosshair Dark Hero and my question is how do you know when the pump on the AIO is running?

Same problem: my cpu temp over 75 Celsius: i set by Armoury Crate but i dont see any change!
big problem!

I bought the ryujin ii 240mm. All the fans should connect to the small control box and the USB to the USB header on the mobo my cpu idles around 30c