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Ryujin II 360 / Objective: Disconnect ASUS Controller?!

Level 10
Hello, I need a confirmation, I need to know if anyone here has already done this or if I have to write to ASUS support?

I have a Ryujin II 360, I intend to disconnect the 3 fans that are on the radiator and connect them to the motherboard and disable the ASUS Controller, is this possible?

Objective 1: Have full control of these 3 fans with the Fan Control app. I'll hook up the 2 fans at the ends of the radiator with a Noctua Y-cable to CPU_FAN. I'll turn on the middle fan on CPU_OP.

Objective 2: I intend to disconnect the ASUS Controller completely, leave the Mini USB cable loose/disconnected and leave only the USB 2.0 cable connected. I need confirmation if this USB 2.0 connection (which I have connected to USB_EP3E4) is responsible for the information on the Display screen. And I especially need to know the most important information here, if it is responsible for the energy supplied and the control connection of the Internal Pump Rotation and the Mini Fan below the Display?