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RYUJIN II 240MM Pump wont max out

Level 7
Been searching for a solution to this problem since i bought this cooler, it goes from 1740-1770 most of the time and the highest i've seen it on is 1800 rpm, which is way below the advertised 2800 rpm, have people with similar issues RMA'ed their units or learnt to just live with it? - cooling isn't particularly bad but i'd like to get the full speeds if they're ever needed. I'm not sure if this is an Armoury crate bug/Visual bug/ or a hardware fault. If it's a issue with the unit itself then i can get it exchanged but it's a bit pointless if the new one will do the same thing, due to the down time and wait involved.

*Edit* After doing some testing, the AIO fan controller shows a speed of 2220 RPM when the fans i'm using only go to a max of 1800 RPM and the AIO pump shows a speed of 1740-1800 RPM, seems like the two are switched some how , can't know for certain unless another person with a similar problem can check theirs thanks

Level 12
I have had the same issue with AC reporting a max of ~1770. *There are a couple other threads here and several on Reddit reporting the same issue, so it isn’t a unique problem. I’m not sure whether the pump is actually running slow, or if AC is reporting speed incorrectly, but it shows max around 1770.*

I haven’t noticed a problem with fan speeds; I think they run full speed and report correctly. *But I will do some further testing and report back here if I see something different.*
Z690-E, i9-12900k, 2x16 DDR5, 980pro nvme x3, Ryujin-II 360, Strix Animate-II, Evga 3090 ftw3

Contacted ASUS who want me to RMA it, but it's alot of work to take it out for a new one to do potentially the same thing, need to know from people who have working ones which go up to the 2800rpm max pump speed, what their version of windows is, and motherboard they are using - at 1740 rpm it's stuck on ( if it's not a visual bug) that's under 50% of it's cooling potential.