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Running out of patience and thermaL paste

Level 7
I have a really odd problem with my Rampage VI Extreme with disappearing memory slots. Both DIMM slots A and B channel work perfectly but C and D can disappear and not work, at tthe moment C2 and D1 are working, but if I re-seat the processor this can change. I have tried various mounting pressues and cleaned the CPU pins, the board socket is perfect. I have also checked my liquid metal application and there are no shorts to the caps on the CPU. The only time I got full RAM slots is when I applied Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut to the die but load temps were really too high for my liking.

I must've re-seated the processor about 30 times and only once hit on the full RAM slot configuration, the PC then crashed after about half an hour and was back to "Detecting Memory" and missing C/D channels. Also I can now only run my RAM at the stock 3200mHz, any overclock results in "Detecting Memory" and I have to go back to stock, before it ran quad 3467mHz without issue, now I am down to triple channel.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

TIA 13oots2

I bought another brand of motherboard to try and had same issue, it looks like my CPU is the problem.

Thanks for the help received. 13oots2