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Running out of patience and thermaL paste

Level 7
I have a really odd problem with my Rampage VI Extreme with disappearing memory slots. Both DIMM slots A and B channel work perfectly but C and D can disappear and not work, at tthe moment C2 and D1 are working, but if I re-seat the processor this can change. I have tried various mounting pressues and cleaned the CPU pins, the board socket is perfect. I have also checked my liquid metal application and there are no shorts to the caps on the CPU. The only time I got full RAM slots is when I applied Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut to the die but load temps were really too high for my liking.

I must've re-seated the processor about 30 times and only once hit on the full RAM slot configuration, the PC then crashed after about half an hour and was back to "Detecting Memory" and missing C/D channels. Also I can now only run my RAM at the stock 3200mHz, any overclock results in "Detecting Memory" and I have to go back to stock, before it ran quad 3467mHz without issue, now I am down to triple channel.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

TIA 13oots2

Level 13
A little more on your specs please. What CPU? What cooler? What OS? Whats the VCCIO and VRAM set to. Whats Mesh set to?

Specs are 7940x, 64Gb Crucial Ballistix 3200 CAS 16 EK waterblock.

This even happens with everything at stock and RAM running 2133mHz, I initially had it all running totally stable at 4.7gHz Cache 28x, Ram 3467 CAS 16 1.38V. After a re-application of Liquid Metal the problems arose.

Am going to have another look tomorrow when a new tube of Conductonaut arrives. Will totally flush the CPU with alcohol (probably have a snort of whisky myself) reapply the LM and see what happens, I may have a micro dot of LM on a cap that I can't see even under a magnifying glass these thing are sent to try us.

Level 11
Have you tried cleaning the gold contacts on the memory (RAM) modules?

Hi 13oots2

From your problem described,

I'd double check the cpu socket for any misaligned pins with a magnifying glass.

When installing your cpu cooler water block, don't crank it too tight, make it just snug.

Socket is perfect, have magnifying soldering stand with LED's. Dimm fingers are fine as any stick works in the working slots, have also tried different mounting pressures. This only started after my recent re-application of LM, am going to cleaning the CPU carefully with 99% Isopropyl tomorrow and see what happens.

All right,

While you have it disassembled, check for any liquid metal that may have overflowed onto something it shouldn't have.

It cleans off fairly easy if you can get to it.

Totally flushed the CPU with Isopropyl and re-did my application of LM, still the same problem. I am now running 80Gb triple channel, down from 96Gb, aside from RAM overclocking it is perfectly stable. The CPU came off my old board that blew a MOSFET, could be that it was damaged when that happened.

It's possible but normally when something like that happens the whole cpu goes.

Have you tried adjusting other voltages to help get your ram stable?

I'm not sure about your motherboard but if you have these settings on the extreme tweaker tab try...

CPU Sytem Agent voltage - 1.20v
CPU VCCIO voltage - 1.20v
Dram voltage 1.40v - 1.45v

Does this help any?